Ark Coin – Create your own Blockchain

Ark is a distributed platform designed to help people use more blockchain technologies. The goal of the development team is to spread the use of blockchains and make them accessible to the masses. Companies as well as private individuals should be able to create their own blockchains quickly and easily with the platform.

Ark Coin – What is this crypto currency for the Bitcoin profit?

The platform should provide everyone with the tools to create their own Bitcoin profit without a scam. Several programming languages are available, such as Python, RPC, JAVA, .NET, Go, PHP. The project is specifically designed for user-friendliness and should be able to be used by the masses. Using the „Push Button deployable Bitcoin profit“ a fork can be executed and a new blockchain can be created, which at the same time has the features of the mainchain. The development team wants to integrate as many other blockchains into the project as possible.

SmartBridges connect these blockchains to a network. The core platform is at the center. This acts as an intermediary between the individual blockchains and enables them to communicate with each other and trigger events between them. The chains will be able to interact and influence each other via the SmartBridges. This is something that no crypto currency has yet been able to do. As with the creation of new blockchains, the link should be simple. SmartBridges is automatically included in every new blockchain.

The consensus mechanism is the delegated proof-of-stake

The Ark crypto currency cannot be mined like many other crypto currencies. Instead, „delegates“ are chosen who take on the task of creating new blocks. The stake consists of the coins held in the Ark Wallet. One vote costs 1 arc, but the more coins you have, the more important that vote is. The delegates can then add new blocks to the chain and receive new coins as a reward. They can decide for themselves how they want to deal with them, for example by distributing some of them to the users. Delegates can also decide to finance projects with the coins or provide them for services. After each election, 51 delegates are appointed.

For each new block, 2 Ark’s are created. A new block is created every eight seconds. At the time of the launch of the platform, 125 million coins were generated. Transactions are subject to a fee of 0.1 Ark, in order to stand for election as delegate 25 coins must be paid.

By means of the platforms the use of physical cards as means of payment is to be promoted. A peer-to-peer interplanetary file system is to be added in the future. This will be able to process large amounts of data without having to burden the performance of the entire platform. In addition, an InterPlanetary Database, InterPlanetary Lined Data and a Web-to-Web-Serverless-Webtorrent will be added.